Sell Phones Online

Did you know that in just a few days you could have sold your old mobile phone and have real cash in hand ready to spend on whatever you like? Recently it has become possible to sell mobile phones online to various different companies who will buy your mobile and then refurbish it and sell it on at an increased price. This allows you to sell your old mobile phone and receive money for it in the just a few days!

Every day thousands of mobile phones are thrown away simply because the owner has bought a new one. This is a great shame because there are a lot people in the world who can’t afford to buy new phones and would love the opportunity to get second hand one. This is where phone recycling comes in because it allows you to get money for your phone whilst the same time helping the environment and people who would like to use mobile phone but can’t afford it.

How much will I get?

The amount you get depends on various different factors but the main one is which kind of phone you have. When you apply to get your phone recycled and get money for it you will have to enter the make and model as well as whether there is any damage to the phone. You will then get a quote based on the information you’ve given as to how much money you can expect what you send a phone in. Make sure you follow the instructions of the company you’re using exactly so that you know when you sell phones online you will get the money as quickly as possible.

Why trade in mobiles?

The first question many people ask is why should they bother trading their mobile phone? This is a simple one though, it is simply so easy to send in your mobile to various companies who recycle and pay you real cash that there is no real reason not to! Not only that, but you know that your phone will be put to good use and would be done to the landfill where it could damage the environment over time.

Governments are becoming more and more concerned by the fact that so many phones are going into landfills rather than being recycled. Over time the harmful chemicals from the batteries may start to leak out and poison the surrounding earth as well as water supplies which is a real concern. By recycling old mobiles you are allowing someone who wouldn’t usually have the chance to have a mobile to communicate with their friends and family as well as knowing that you’re doing your bit to help the environment. And the bonus is you will get paid for it!

How it works?

To sell old phones online is actually very straightforward. All you have to do is use the form on this website to see how much different companies will give you for your mobile. Once you have done that and found the best deal you need to visit the website of the company who has offered you the money and fill in a few details such as your address to send the money. Once you’ve done that you need to follow the instructions of the individual company as they do vary. For example some companies will send out an envelope that is free to post so that you don’t have to spend any money on postage. Other companies will not do this you need to make sure you know exactly what the company you are using requires you to do in order to get your money back as quickly as possible.

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